The Serbian Association of Ophthalmologists, previously founded as the Association of Ophthalmologists of Serbia and Montenegro in 2003, was officially registered under this name in 2008.

The president of the Association was Prof. dr. Ivan Stefanović, an ophthalmologist at the Clinic for Eye Diseases “Prof. dr. Đorđe Nešić“ Belgrade. The Association was actively involved in many activities, especially in organizing major ophthalmology congresses in that period.

The next president of the Association appointed on 24th March 2003 was Prof. dr. Ljubiša Nikolić, an ophthalmologist at the Clinic for Eye Diseases Zvezdara Clinical Center, Belgrade. The vice president was Prof.dr. Dragan Veselinović, an ophthalmologist at the Ophthalmology Clinic, Clinical Center Niš.

The appointed members of the Presidency were:

-  Prof. dr Branislav Đurović

-  Prof. dr Lepša Žorić

-  Dr. Žarko Petrović

-  Prof.dr Ivan Stefanović

-  Dr. Zvonko Stanojević

-  Assoc.Prof. dr Milenko Stojković

-  Mr.sci.dr. Vladimir Čanadanović

-  Prof. dr Miloš Jovanović 

On November 29th 2012 the Assembly of Serbian ophthalmologists was held at the Clinic for Eye Diseases in Belgrade. Upon recommendation of  Prof. dr. Ljubiša Nikolić, the new president of the Association became Prof. dr. Dragan Veselinović, Ophthalmology Clinic, Clinical Center Niš, and Vice-president Assoc. Prof.  Vladimir Čanadanović, Clinic for Eye Diseases, Novi Sad.

The members of the Presidency remained the same as before, with additional new member, Prim. Dr. Marina Horvatić, the president of Ophthalmic section of the Serbian Medical Association.

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